Tully - Heroes of Translation

Tully - Heroes of Translation

The translator's translator


Marcus Tullius Cicero (Tully) 106 BC - 43 BC


Tully, better known outside Britain as 'Cicero', has had an enduring influence on the art of translation and the approach of translators. Politician, linguist, lawyer and philosopher, Tully created a new philosophical vocabulary coining words such as 'humanitas', 'qualitas', 'quantitas', and 'essentia' in the process.


A passionate republican in an age of despots, Tully fell foul of Mark Anthony and was declared an 'enemy of the state'. He was murdered in 43 BC.


"I did not consider it necessary to give a word for word translation, but I have preserved the character and energy of the language throughout."


Heroes of Translation

Heroes of Translation  

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