Wycliffe - Heroes of Translation

Wycliffe - Heroes of Translation

The radical translator 


John Wycliffe 1328 - 1384 


Wycliffe was a scholar, a theologian and early dissenter in the Roman Catholic Church. He undertook the first translation of the Holy Bible into English from Latin. This challenged the church's monopoly on access to God and was met with a furious response from church leaders.


Believing his source text to be the very word of God, Wycliffe produced a literal word-for-word translation and in the process added a huge number of words to the English word hoard. 'Humanity', 'puberty', 'frying pan' and 'birthday' all owe their origins to Wycliffe's Bible.


For at least 150 years Wycliffe's Bible was the only form in which the people of Britain could read the articles of their faith in their own language.


"My Bible is for the government of the people, by the people and for the people."


Heroes of Translation

Heroes of Translation  

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