Dryden - Heroes of Translation

Dryden - Heroes of Translation

The poet, translating poetry 


John Dryden 1631 - 1700 


Poet, literary critic, translator, and playwright Dryden dominated the literary life of Restoration England to such an extent that the period came to be known in literary circles as the 'Age of Dryden'. He was made Poet Laureate in 1667.


In his translation of the poetic works of Virgil Dryden sought "words such as he would probably have written if he were living and an Englishman". It is for this notion of 'equivalence' as the central concept of translation, that Dryden joins the ranks of Heroes of Translation. A notion as adequate as any that had been proposed since Tully (Ciero), in Ancient Rome, cautioned against translating 'word for word'.


The publication of the translation of Virgil was a national event and brought Dryden the enormous sum of ??1,400.


"Since what is beautiful in one language is often barbarous, nay sometimes nonsense, in another, it would be unreasonable to limit a translator to the narrow compass of his author's words."


Heroes of Translation

Heroes of Translation  

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