Nida - Heroes of Translation

Nida - Heroes of Translation

The modern theorist


Eugene Nida 1914 - 2011


Born in the United States, Nida began his career as a linguist before emerging as a pioneer in the fields of translation theory and linguists.


Nida's most notable contribution to translation theory was the notion of Functional Equivalence. That is, where the translator conveys the thought expressed in a source test, even at the expense of literalness, word order, grammatical voice etc. The intention is that a translation should also 'read well'. His theory accepts that there can never be a 'true' and exact translation in terms of words but aims to transmit 'meaning' in the fullest sense.


In his work with the American Bible Society Nida was responsible for cross-denominational Bible translations across the globe, in accordance with the principles of Functional Equivalence.


"Every part of the paragraph should be translated with the structure of the whole being carefully considered, since all must fit together to form a unit."


Heroes of Translation

Heroes of Translation  

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