Reaffirming our commitment to quality:

In August of this year Temple Translations gained the EN 15038 European Quality Standard for Translation Service Providers. This helps to cement our promise to clients that we conduct our work to the highest quality standards around, but what exactly is the EN 15038 Standard and how does it aid in the pursuit of quality?

Many European translation companies have long felt the need for a reliable method of demonstrating the quality of the services they provide to their customers. The ISO 9001 didn’t go far enough for many within the industry as it did not cover translation specific issues. In reaction to this the EN 15038 was drawn up by the European Committee for Standardization, in order to address the issues and provide certification for translation-specific quality management.

Now for the first time the translation industry has a clearly defined standard that relates to its day to day business. The most far reaching feature of the standard is that it defines the translation process where quality is guaranteed not by the translation which is just one phase in the process, but by the fact that the translation is being proofread by a person other than the translator. It also specifies a level of professional competency for everyone involved in the process. Translators and proof-readers who take part in translation projects under EN 15038 must demonstrate one of the following professional competences;

-       Advanced translation studies (recognised qualification) plus a minimum of two years documented experience in translation.

-      Equivalent qualification in another specialisation plus a minimum of four years documented experience in translation.

-         At least five years of documented professional experience in translation.

-         All of our translators must also show recent experience of the subject in question.

Clients of translation agencies with EN 15038 can now be reassured that promises of quality are being met, and true experts are working on their translation from day one.

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