Temple employees turn their hands to horticulture

Arriving bright and early one murky Saturday morning, five Temple staff took part in a volunteer day down at Stave Hill Ecological Park in Surrey Quays, London. After coffees and chat with the conservation officer about the project, construction slowly began on the brash hedge that was to be constructed at the side of the site. Some people went to fell trees, some people began carving holes in the ground, while others collected branches to weave into the bulk of the hedge. The end result after five arduous hours of labour (interspersed with breaks every 10 minutes) produced five very proud owners of a brash fence which was to be used to keep the foxes hidden from visitors to the site.

Stave Hill Ecological Park is an important resource managed by TCV Urban Ecology open to volunteers as individuals and also as groups from corporations. Built over the former Surrey Docks, the park is now a mixture of grassland, woodland, scrub and wetland habitats forming a fundamental centre for both wildlife and humans alike. This is just one of many projects being run by volunteers and charity organisations throughout London and the environs.

In an age where free labour and unpaid internships are increasingly common place, the apathy faced by yet another volunteer scheme may seem discouraging. Yet there is still something quite rewarding about going to a place outside of the work environment with the aim of creating a tangible object which benefits both the local environment and the people who live and work there. Such is the aim of a staff volunteering initiative; involving staff members in a creative and mutually beneficial project outside of the normal working environs.

Temple Translations has now begun its journey towards establishing a comprehensive CSR policy, a fundamental part of which is a volunteer scheme. Enabling staff to participate in a volunteer scheme is a proven method of increasing employee fidelity and wellbeing, as well as balancing the social responsibilities of any corporation. Please come back for more updates on our adventures!


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