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Temple Translations are legal and financial translation specialists operating in the city of London and New York. Our document translation services are used by nine out of the top ten legal firms as well as leading firms in the finance, banking, insurance and leisure sectors worldwide.
We provide two document translation services:

Level 1: “For information only” and Level 2: “For publication” – our project management team are able to advise you on what service is most suitable for your requirements.

Our document translation services are governed by our ISO 9001:2000 accreditation and we seek to provide high quality translations at speed and on budget. Our pricing is calculated per 1000 words and proofreading is charged on an hourly basis.

On average we translate in excess of 15 million words a year, in most language combinations and with our prime focus being accuracy and speed.

As part of our legal document translation services we are also able to arrange for documents to be notarised or legalised by the Foreign and Commonwealth office where required. For our financial document translation services we are able to offer additional services such as glossary management, corporate style guide management and DTP services.

Temple Translations offers comprehensive document translation services as well as in-house translation and interpreting specifically designed for the legal and financial sectors. For further information about document translation services here at Temple Translations please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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