Localise complex technical legal and financial terminology

Rely on ISO 9001ISO 17100, and ISO 20771-accredited legal translation services that ensure the precise nuance and meaning of technical documents are accurately conveyed between languages.

Complex legal grammar. Financial concepts. The precise meaning of a recorded statement or contract.

No matter what you need to translate, localise, or transcribe, you’ll work with native-speaking specialists who are deeply familiar with your target region and the concepts involved.

“I’d like to add that it’s been really positive to receive the translated documents in such a quick turnaround time.”

Michael D, Bolt Burdon Kemp

Rely on area-specific expertise

Leverage legal translation services delivered by linguists with direct experience and expertise in specific legal practice and finance areas in over 200 languages.

As 9 of the top 10 UK law firms have already discovered, this sector-specific expertise guarantees your translated legal documents meet exacting local and international standards for accuracy.

Our independent accreditations, such as the new ISO 20771 legal translation certification, attested that we were the first in the UK to achieve. We’re also members of key industry bodies like the ATC and ATA. This is a quality you can count on.

We’ll work with you to achieve your business’s unique communication goals and strategy, delivering bespoke interpreting and translation services that meet your specific requirements.

Get legal translation when you need it most

More than 20 million words of expertly translated text every year pass through our City of London and New York offices. Every word is carefully and accurately tailored, often to meet our diverse clients’ house styles.

You might need a precisely-judged written translation. You may need face-to-face or remote legal or court interpreters anywhere.

Whatever your needs, contact us to discuss with a specialist your specific requirements for security, privacy, accuracy, and delivery.

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