Documents we translate in the commodities and energy sectors include engineering reports, environmental reports, feasibility studies, procurement documentation, technical specifications, health and safety documents and contracts.

Temple Translations is the trusted partner of leading multinational corporations and international law firms when it comes to business-critical translations in the energy and commodities sector.

We recognise that companies operating in these sectors may require a variety of documents to be translated from technical information, e.g. drilling and equipment evaluations to more straight forward legal and financial documents.

The translations we provide are business critical and need to be of the highest quality
(ISO 17100:2015 Quality Standard for Translation) as they help our clients in their goals to secure new exploration or drilling rights, new investments or enter new markets.

All of our 1300 translators are highly educated linguists, trained in the tools of the translation industry and specialising in a specific industry and sector, e.g. oil and gas translations. This specialisation allows our translators to apply their knowledge of the terminology used in the industry and ensure their translations remain consistent throughout the project.

Our in-house production team will always select the most appropriate translator for your translation once the documents have been reviewed and assessed, e.g. we will use a technical translator for a more technical document.

For large volume translation projects containing a variety of documents or with tight deadlines, we regularly build and coordinate teams of translators to combine the best technical and legal expertise available and to ensure we deliver your translations on time and within budget.

Recent translation projects we have completed in the Commodities and Energy sectors have included the translation of legal, engineering and environmental reports from French into English for a leading multinational commodity trading and mining company.