We support you throughout your IP translation project using our team’s in-depth knowledge of legal systems and language expertise.

Securing IP rights in foreign markets is essential in today’s highly competitive and globalised economy. Temple’s specialist Intellectual Property translation services help our clients in London and the UK protect their IP overseas.

In most cases, securing your Intellectual Property rights means submitting a translation of the application document in the national language of the country in which you want to register your product or service.

Our ISO 17100:2015 quality translations and expert IP translators have extensive experience in this highly specialised field. They understand the importance of using the correct terminology and legal jargon and the need to meet tight deadlines.

Specialist assistance throughout the IP translation process

As a specialised legal translation company, our in-house production team will be able to offer you language support throughout the IP translation process. Our translation process is certified to the internationally recognised ISO 17100:2015 Quality Standard.

As well as translating trademark and patent applications for our London and global clients, we also translate technical documentation related to the export of patented products, patent infringement, and litigation across all industries.

Intellectual Property translation – examples

  • Regular translation of case law, technical documentation, expert reports, patent registration documentation and so on in relation to claims for patent infringement.
  • Covering all areas, including pharmaceuticals, computer software, industrial machinery, aerospace, chemicals, etc.
  • Translation of expert reports, case law and other documents relating to claims for infringement of industrial design rights, copyrights, and trademarks for many globally-recognised brands.
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Discuss your current Intellectual Property translation project with our expert London team. Please email enquiry@templetranslations.com or contact us at 020 7842 0171.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What services does Temple Translations offer for Intellectual Property?
A: We provide translations for applications, trademarks, and patents essential for securing IP rights in foreign markets.

Q: How does Temple Translations ensure quality in IP translations?
A: We adhere to ISO 17100:2015 standards and employ expert IP translators with extensive experience in legal terminology and deadlines.

Q: What types of documents can be translated for IP purposes?
A: We translate case law, technical documentation, expert reports, and patent registration documentation, among others.

Q: What industries does Temple Translations cater to for IP translations?
A: Our services cover various industries, including pharmaceuticals, computer software, industrial machinery, aerospace, and chemicals.

Q: How can I request a quote for an IP translation project?
A: You can discuss your project by emailing us or contacting our London office.