The Client

Our client is a global immigration firm that employs over 3,400 immigration professionals and support staff in over 40 offices. They offer support in more than 170 countries. They specialise in providing various immigration law services to corporate and individual clients.

Their Challenge

We primarily work with the UK offices of this client, so the majority of their work is for UK immigration matters.

For UK immigration matters, if a document needs to be submitted but is not in English, then it is required that the document be translated into English and certified as a true and accurate translation of the source text. We, therefore, produce certified English translations daily for this client.

Our client’s cases are often time-sensitive, so they rely on us to produce accurate certified translations with rapid turnaround times.

Our Solution

Thanks to our extensive database of specialist translators, we can provide fast, efficient, and high-quality translations to meet our client’s requirements.

As an Association of Translation Companies member, we can certify that our translations are true and accurate. We provide both a hard copy certificate confirming this and each translation page stamped.

We have tailored our work for this client so that a certificate of authenticity will always be offered alongside their translation. In addition, we can offer a courier service to ensure that the hard copies of our certified translations reach our client quickly, making the whole process run smoothly from start to finish.