The Client

Our client is a multinational law firm and a member of the “Magic Circle” of elite law firms. They operate worldwide with over 4,500 members of staff.

Their Challenge

Our client needed us to translate over 1,500 individual documents from Italian into English that they had received as part of an ongoing matter. These documents were sent to us via an eDiscovery solutions company.

These translations were needed in an urgent turnaround time as it was essential for our client to be able to begin their review of the English translations at the earliest possible opportunity. However, our client also needed the translations to be completed in a specific format by all translators.

The completed translations also had to be delivered back to the eDiscovery solutions company in chronological batches, thereby making it easy for our client to review the documents, so the translation work had to be placed in a manner to facilitate this specific delivery method.

Our Solution

Temple Translations built a team of Italian into English translators with the required capacity to complete this work in our client’s timeframe. Ahead of starting work we put together a comprehensive set of instructions that would be sent to our translators to ensure that they all completed the translations in our client’s desired format. To avoid any confusion, this was approved by our client ahead of proceeding with the work.

Once delivered to us, the English translations of all files were carefully checked by our in-house production team to ensure that they were completed to our client’s exact instructions. The team then organised the translations on our system into the client’s requested chronological batches.

We managed the project to facilitate rolling deliveries from our translators so that our clients could receive batches of translations ahead of a final delivery deadline, allowing them to begin their review of our translations as expediently as possible. The work was ultimately delivered in the specified timeframe and to our client’s exact instructions.