The Client

Our client is an international general service law firm, headquartered in London and operating with offices across Asia, Europe, and the Middle East.

Their Challenge

Our client was acting for a party in a commercial dispute. Whilst the dispute was being heard in the jurisdiction of England and Wales, the dispute itself was over an issue in a Latin American Spanish-speaking country.

Our clients are often faced with situations where the language of legal proceedings is English, but key experts or witnesses for such matters do not speak English as a first language. Their evidence can be vital in the overall course of proceedings so our clients rely on us to provide experienced interpreters in such situations.

This client needed us to provide a Latin American Spanish interpreter with experience in legal and shipping matters to support key experts in this case in a variety of scenarios, including at court hearings and in meetings, over a period of several months.

Our Solution

Temple Translations were initially approached to provide an interpreter to assist a Latin American Spanish-speaking expert witness in giving evidence at an arbitration hearing. It was essential that this interpreter was experienced in interpreting complex shipping terminology so that they could accurately convey the evidence given by the Latin American Spanish speaker in English at the hearing.

Temple Translations found a suitable interpreter from our database of linguists and sent their CVs to our client. Our client proceeded with Temple Translations’ recommended interpreter for the hearing and was very satisfied with the service provided, so as the dispute progressed, the client returned to us to request the use of the same interpreter.

This interpreter was often required at short notice, even on the same day in certain situations. Temple Translations acted as our client’s first port of call and liaised between the client and interpreter to arrange the interpreter’s attendance at a variety of assignments throughout the course of this matter. By providing the same experienced interpreter, our client received top-quality interpreting throughout the course of the dispute from an interpreter familiar with the specifics of their case.