The Client

Our client is a UK-based loss adjusting company, offering their services to a range of clients and industries.

Their Challenge

Our client was dealing with an insurance claim relating to a company in Turkey. Because of this, many of the documents relating to the claim were presented to them in Turkish, which prevented our client from reviewing them.

Our client had been presented with two lever arch files of Turkish documents relating to the claim and wanted to have these translated into English as economically as possible. However, they were aware that not all of the documents in the lever arch files would be directly relevant to them.

As our client is a loss-adjusting company it was essential that any translation work was undertaken by a fully qualified linguist with a proven track record of translating documents of an insurance subject matter.

Our Solution

In order to undertake this work economically, Temple Translations agreed with the client that the best way to proceed was to instruct a Turkish into English translator to attend their office to review the documents in the files alongside one of our client’s insurance experts, rather than translating every document into English.

Temple Translations sourced an experienced Turkish English translator with the required experience in translating insurance documents. We liaised with the translator and client to arrange dates on which our translator could attend our client’s office to undertake the review of the Turkish documents.

Upon receiving approval to proceed we instructed our Turkish translator to attend this assignment, providing them with background material ahead of their attendance. Our translator subsequently attended on-site and successfully completed this assignment, allowing our client to have the files reviewed in a timely and cost-effective manner.