The Client

Our client is one of the largest banks in Asia, with offices in 40 countries, and an ever-expanding overseas network. They are one of the world’s largest and most diversified financial groups, providing financial services including commercial banking, trust banking, and consumer finance

Their Challenge

We primarily work with our client’s UK operation. As our client’s overseas presence continues to grow, they receive financial documents from multiple territories and need these to be translated into English for them to review, meaning they have a high demand for translation work on a regular basis.

They encounter documents in many different languages due to the global nature of their work and have the added pressure of working within multiple time zones, meaning all work has to be completed as fast as possible. As a consequence, our client requires a language provider that they can trust to provide high-quality translations of financial documents with fast turnaround times.

Our Solution

We are able to utilise our network of financial expert translators to produce translations of documents such as bank guarantees, and financial annual reports, as well as larger projects, all of a financial nature.

Through our rigorous recruitment process, we are able to ensure that all of our translators, regardless of language, are subject specialists in financial translations, and are therefore always able to produce high-quality translations that can be relied upon to meet our client’s needs.

An added benefit of ensuring that we have an array of financial subject specialist translators is that we can put together teams of translators in order to meet our client’s deadlines, at no additional cost to our client.

As a result, our client knows that they can rely on us to produce translations that are consistent, timely, and carried out to a high standard, suitable for their exact needs in the financial sector.