Rely on the same kind of highly accurate and easy-to-certify certificate translation used by nine of the top ten UK legal firms.

With specialist native-speaking translators who also happen to be legal specialists translating your certificate for you, you will know that your translation is an accurate representation of the original.

More importantly, so will any relevant authority or judicial system. To this end, we provide a full certified translation service, ensuring that you can get the right kind of officially-recognised translation for almost any region, culture or jurisdiction in the world.

Count on accredited linguists who are legal specialists

Giving you the exceptional quality attested to by our ISO 9001 and ISO 17100 accreditation, we guarantee that any certificate translation we complete for you will be handled by linguists who are also experts in the relevant field of law.

This is important. Because certificates like identity, divorce or police documents often feature specific legal language and terminology. Translated versions of these certificates may also need to meet the local rules and requirements of a given jurisdiction or country.

Only specialists like ours, who are natives of your target region and language as well as qualified and/or experienced in the correct legal field, understand the nuances, requirements and implications of documents like these.

Get the right kind of certified translation for your certificate

Is the translation of your certificate intended for official purposes? If so, you’ll almost certainly need it to go through some kind of certification process to guarantee the accuracy of the translation.

For documents intended for use in the UK and Ireland, this will often mean certified translation. Certificates you are having translated for use elsewhere in the world may need some kind of equivalent sworn translation.

This kind of certification needs to be accomplished by an accredited translator or a professional translation agency that meets local requirements. This is something we provide hundreds of times each week for the clients who use us for certificate translation.

What types of certificates can we translate for you?

Call on us to translate all types of certificates into and out of almost any language and for almost any region in the world. We regularly translate certificates that include but aren’t limited to:

  • Birth and death certificates
  • Marriage and divorce documents
  • Passports, immigration and identity documents
  • Police and criminal records
  • Degree, diploma and other qualification certificates

Get expert advice on the certificate translation you need

Talk to us today about the kind of document you need to have translated. You can also get expert advice on the kind of sworn or certified translation that is right for your target region.

Reach out to one of our highly experienced advisors today on 020 7842 0171 or email to discuss what you need from your upcoming certificate translation.