Temple Translations is proud to offer superior legal document translation services to the top 50 law firms in the UK. Our expertise and commitment to quality ensure that our clients receive accurate, reliable translations every time.

Temple is a legal and financial translation specialist. Global finance, insurance, and blue chip companies across London and worldwide count on us as their trusted translation partner.

Temple has provided legal document translation services for legal professionals across all practice areas and industries for the past two decades.

Regular clients are the bedrock of our business. We have built long-term relationships going back many years with most of our clients. This is how we prefer to work.

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Specialist financial and legal translators for every project

Our project managers always hand-pick the most suitable translator for your document or more extensive project.

They match each linguist’s financial or legal specialism, experience, and language skills to ensure you receive the most accurate and precise translation.

Discover the simplicity of Temple’s legal document translations

Our pricing for translation is based on the word or character count of the document. Editing and proofreading are charged on an hourly basis. We can send you an accurate estimate and timeframe once we have reviewed your final documents for translation.

After choosing the level of translation service, they need, we recommend that our clients consider providing as many reference materials as possible. Access to these materials will always maximise the quality of your final translation.

Specialists in your field

Temple always pairs you with a document translator who is an expert in your field. This typically includes academic qualifications and five or more years of industry experience.

We regularly provide financial and legal translation specialists for companies across London and worldwide.

Services matched to your goals

We provide three levels of legal document translation services. Once you have given us your detailed requirements, our team can advise you on the most appropriate level for your needs:

  • Level 1: “Reference Level”
  • Level 2: “Publication Level”
  • Level 3: “Corporate Identity Level”

For Level 2 and Level 3 translations, we can offer additional services such as glossary management, corporate style guide management, and DTP services. Here is how using our services could work for you:

Multiple Document Translation Case Study

Comprehensive legal document translation solutions

Certified Translations

As an Association of Translation Companies (ATC) member, we can help you produce certified translations intended for official use.

When requesting certified translations, we always recommend checking which certification will be required with authority requesting the translation.

When using us to produce a certified translation, clients can expect their project to proceed like this:

Certified Translation Case Study

Financial and Legal Interpreting Services

Temple Translations provides specialist legal and financial interpreting services for clients in every industry.

Rely on spoken linguists carefully matched to the dialect you need, with experience in your field and in-depth technical knowledge.

Transcription Services

Our highly experienced transcribers can create precise textual versions of any audio or video file. Our legal transcription services enable you to have any file professionally transcribed and ready for translation into over 200 languages.

Request a Quote

If you need a quote or more information about using our legal document translation services in London or anywhere else, please call us at 020 7842 0171 or email enquiry@templetranslations.com.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What does it entail to translate legal documents?
A: The task involves rendering legal texts from one tongue to another whilst ensuring the translated version upholds legal validity and aligns with the intricacies of the legal lexicon and frameworks pertinent to the target dialect. This encompasses a range of documents such as contracts, legal filings, and confidentiality clauses.

Q: Why is precision critical in the translation of legal texts?
A: Precision is of the essence because the slightest inaccuracies could lead to significant misunderstandings or misinterpretations with potential legal consequences. Ensuring translations are pinpoint accurate assists all parties in comprehending their duties and rights, which is indispensable for the integrity of legal proceedings.

Q: Does translating legal documents necessitate specialised expertise?
A: The translation of legal documents demands a specific skill set, including a thorough grasp of legal vernacular and the legal systems of both the source and target languages. Only translators with a background in legal translations and pertinent experience are typically suited to this task.

Q: How is confidentiality maintained in the translation of legal texts?
A: Confidentiality is upheld through stringent professional ethics and, in many instances, legal contracts such as Non-Disclosure Agreements, ensuring sensitive information remains secure.

Q: What considerations should be made when selecting a legal document translation service?
A: When opting for a service to translate legal documents, it’s pivotal to assess the provider’s track record in legal translations, the qualifications and expertise of their translators, their familiarity with the relevant legal frameworks, their confidentiality measures, and their proficiency in accurately translating complex legal jargon. Perusing reviews or testimonials from prior clients can also shed light on their reliability and the calibre of their work.