Our legal transcription services guarantee the accuracy, professionalism, and quick delivery of your document

Use us to create written transcripts of audio or video files in over 200 languages. Temple’s legal transcription services are used by our London and global clients when they need to know that the expert transcribing their file is a native speaker with in-depth subject matter knowledge.

Working using the most accurate two-stage methodology, we ensure that any later translation of your transcript is a precise and measured record. One which can be easily matched against your original video or audio file.

Getting the legal transcription you need

You can have our specialists produce transcripts in the best format for you. We can adhere to your precise requirements regarding time coding, layout, and all other factors.

After the transcription is completed, we can translate the transcript for you if required. The translated version can then be matched against the original text and time codes. The result is a precise, accurate, easy-to-understand transcription in whatever language or languages you are targeting.

What file formats can be transcribed?

In general, we can work with any audio or video file type. Some of the most common transcription tasks we undertake feature:

  • WAV Transcription: We transcribe audio files in the WAV format, which is known for its high-quality, uncompressed audio. This format is often used in professional settings where audio fidelity is crucial.
  • MP3 Transcription: Our services include transcribing MP3 files, a popular compressed audio format. This format is widely used due to its balance between file size and sound quality, making it suitable for a variety of audio content.
  • CD Transcription: We handle the transcription of audio content from CDs. This involves converting the audio tracks on a Compact Disc, which are typically in a digital format like CDDA (Compact Disc Digital Audio), into text.
  • DVD Transcription: Our team is equipped to transcribe content from DVDs. This includes extracting and converting the audio track from DVD video files, which can be in formats like MPEG-2.
  • Windows Media Player Files Transcription: We transcribe files that are compatible with Windows Media Player. This includes a range of file types, such as .WMA (Windows Media Audio) and .WMV (Windows Media Video), both of which are commonly used in digital media.
  • RealPlayer Files Transcription: Transcription services are also available for files that are playable on RealPlayer. This encompasses formats like .RM (RealMedia) and .RA (RealAudio), which are often used for streaming audio and video content.

Legal transcription services are the perfect solution for any need

Temple regularly provides transcription services for financial and legal institutions across London and around the globe. Some of the most popular reasons our transcribers are called on include:

  • Recording and transcribing the discussions and decisions made during board meetings of corporations.
  • Converting legal documents, contracts, and agreements into a digital format for ease of access and storage.
  • Transcribing quarterly or annual earnings calls of corporations for investor and public records.
  • Transcribing educational or training sessions and training materials for future reference.
  • Recording and documenting workshops, particularly those related to legal and financial matters.
  • Transcribing meetings focused on ensuring that companies comply with legal and regulatory requirements.
  • Documenting meetings or calls with investors, including AGMs (Annual General Meetings).
  • Documenting conversations and advice given during legal consultations.
  • Transcribing official corporate announcements for internal and external communication.
  • Converting teleconferences and video conferences into written format, particularly those involving key financial or legal discussions.

Combining our transcription and translation services

To maintain our high standards of accuracy in audio and video translation, we ensure a native speaker of the language transcribes your original file.

Once the resulting transcript is complete, we can translate it into over 200 languages. This ensures your media is ready for a multilingual audience.

This two-stage process of transcribing content is much more accurate than “direct translation” from an audio or video source. This is the reason why we always choose to work this way.

How our legal transcription services work

We charge on an hourly basis. The amount of time an assignment will take depends upon the length of the audio or visual material, the quality of sound, how quickly people speak, the topic of conversation, and in what format the translation or transcription is required.

On average, transcription work can take anywhere from 8 to 12 times as long as the source material. This means 1 hour of audio can take up to 12 (or more) hours to complete.

All we need from you to begin the transcription process is the source material and your language targets.

Request a Quote

For a quote or more information about using our transcription services in London or anywhere else, please call us at 020 7842 0171 or email enquiry@templetranslations.com.

Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What is legal transcription?

A: Legal transcription is taking verbal or audio recordings of court proceedings, interviews, statements, dictations and meetings and turning them into text documents. The professionals responsible for this task are trained in legal terminology and the rules and regulations governing it. At Temple Translations, we work with a team of experts who will accurately transcribe your recordings to ensure accuracy, clarity and compliance with relevant laws.


Q: What type of documents can be transcribed by Temple Translations?

A: We specialise in transcribing various documents, including court hearings, depositions, conferences (including police station conferences), meetings, etc.


Q: What is the turnaround time?

A: We understand that legal transcripts must be done quickly and accurately to meet deadlines. At Temple Translations, we will work hard to provide a fast yet accurate transcription service with a typical turnaround of 8 hours or less. However, this may vary depending on the type of document and its length.


Q: Do you guarantee accuracy?

A: Absolutely! Accuracy is one of our highest priorities when providing transcription services at Temple Translations. Our quality assurance protocols include multiple rounds of proofreading and editing to ensure accuracy before delivering the final product. We are confident that our transcripts adhere to the highest standards of accuracy and will not disappoint.