From our London and New York offices, our project managers select and coordinate teams of financial translation specialists to meet client requirements in terms of turnaround, quality and accuracy.

The professional jargon used in the financial sector is highly adapted shorthand for complex concepts that few outsiders, including translators, will grasp. This is why you need translators as specialised as you are. Our financial translation team is made up of professional linguists with expertise in all aspects of financial dealings.

Documents within the scope of financial translation are often intended for distribution and publication. We offer a full independent proofreading service which ensures that the copy produced in the target language reads as fluently and concisely as the original text. This service is ideal for IPOs, prospectuses, presentations and similar documents.

Our financial translation service is tailored to suit our clients. We are able to compile glossaries and style guides to ensure that all translators and proof readers incorporate our clients’ preferred styles. As an additional aspect to our financial translation service we are also able to arrange Desk Top Publishing (DTP) and multilingual typesetting.