Our translations capture every nuance of a text and express the exact intention of the original.

That’s what we promise and that’s what we deliver, with over 20 million words translated per year. Legal language is highly adapted. It has to convey precise meanings and nuances without ambiguity and few outsiders, and indeed few translators, grasp its subtleties. As errors in translation can seriously undermine reputations abroad, you need legal translators who are as specialised as you are. That’s who we are.

Why Legal Translation can be Complex

Translating between Different Legal Systems

Legal systems are different in every country and a concept or law that exists in one jurisdiction may not have equivalence in another. So, to create an accurate translation, our translators have a full understanding of the law of the country the document originated in and the law of the target country.

Translating Tone of Voice

Whilst the tone of legal English is typically highly formal and passive, this is not the case in all languages, and to succeed in translating the tone of voice from passive to active is highly complex.  Our translators use all of their training and experience to ensure that they succeed in doing this leaving no ambiguity.

Translating Legal Terminology

Legal language is full of complex compound sentence structures as well as niche legal terminology. Legal translators have to understand complex terminology in their source and target languages. It takes years to develop complete knowledge and understanding of legal documents, and to have the skill to translate them with 100% accuracy and consistency between languages.

Our highly skilled legal translators have extensive experience – some are even former lawyers – and we select only the translators who meet our stringent criteria. Consequently, we are able to ensure that all our legal translators can handle the complex and varying topics which our clients encounter.

Our proactive project management team handpick from our pool those with the most relevant experience and expertise for your document, ensuring that they always translate into their mother tongue and within their specialist field.

For more information on our legal translation services, call us on 020 7842 0171 or email enquiry@templetranslations.com for a translation quote.

“Being an English and French maritime lawyer, I often need translations to and from various languages. I used to try to do them myself; this was time consuming, inefficient and expensive for the client. Then I checked various translation agencies. Temple were always cheapest and the quality is very good. I never go elsewhere.”


Bilingual Solicitor/Avocat a la Cour