Our Transcription Services

We can create written transcripts of audio or video files in over 200 languages. All of our transcribers are native speakers transcribing into their mother tongue, with appropriate subject specialist knowledge. We can provide transcripts in whatever format works best for you, adhering to your precise requirements about timecoding, layout, etc.

After the transcription has been completed, if required we can then translate the file for you, matching it against the original text and timecodes.

Transcription & Translation Services

To maintain our high standards of accuracy in audio and video translation we ensure the original work is transcribed by a speaker native of the language. Once this is complete then we are able to translate this into over 200 languages ensuring your media is ready for a multilingual audience.

It is often noted that using the two-stage process of translating the transcribed content is much more accurate than ‘direct translation’ from an audio or video source which is the reason why we choose to work this way.

What file formats can be transcribed?

Generally, we can work with any audio or video file. These are some of the most common transcription tasks we undertake:

  • wav transcription
  • Interview transcription
  • mp3 transcription
  • Conference transcription
  • CD transcription
  • Focus group transcription
  • DVD transcription
  • Windows Media Player transcription
  • RealPlayer transcription

How do transcription services work?

We charge on an hourly basis. The amount of time an assignment will take depends upon the length of the audio/visual material, the quality of sound, how quickly people speak, the topic of conversation and in what format the translation or transcription is required.

On average transcription work can take anywhere from 8 to 12 times as long as the source material; so 1 hour of audio can take up to 12 (or more) hours to complete. All we need in order to start the transcription service is the actual source material.

For a quote or for more information, please call us on 020 7842 0171 or email enquiry@templetranslations.com.