What we need from you:

  • Identify your source and target languages
  • Send the documents for translation with all relevant reference material
  • Specify the target audience for your translation
  • Select your editorial standard
  • Confirm any special requirements
  • Specify a delivery time

With this information and with the documents in hand, we can quickly provide you with an accurate translation quote and timeframe.

Temple Translations’ Service Levels

We understand that, sometimes, you need something quickly; other times, form and presentation carry greater weight. To meet all eventualities, we offer three flexible service levels, balancing speed and cost.


  • Level 1, Reference Level
    Express service for fast, accurate translation of materials intended for internal use.
    Priorities: Speed – high; Presentation – low.
  • Level 2, Publication Level*
    Translation of materials, carefully formatted to publication standard and edited to flow as an original piece of writing in the target language.
    Priorities: Speed – low/medium; Presentation – medium/high.
  • Level 3, Corporate Identity Level**
    Translation of materials, carefully formatted to meet your firm’s corporate identity, including one check by central marketing for approval of house style.
    Priorities: Speed – low; Presentation – high.

* This service has been certified to conform to the requirements of the ISO 17100:2015 standard

** This level of service has a number of features that provide assurance of service quality beyond that provided by the requirements of the ISO17100:2015 standard