Every day, Temple’s expert legal translators help people safely immigrate to the UK and many overseas destinations.

The UK’s population is always changing. Whether you are immigrating to the UK or emigrating from the UK to another country, our immigration interpreters – based in London and locations worldwide – will overcome any language barriers which could interrupt the process.

Temple will always find you the most suitable professional, fully accredited interpreter for your assignment. A specialist in the field of immigration law, your linguist will also understand the nuances that separate immigration legal codes in different jurisdictions.

As almost every single one of our interpreters is a member of the National Register of Public Service Interpreters (NRPSI) and/or the Chartered Institute of Linguists (CIOL), you can rely on their expertise to smooth your way to your new home with empathy and understanding.

Used by 9 of the top 10 UK law firms

Since 1999, Temple Translations has worked with almost all of the top legal firms in the UK and internationally.

With a team of over 1300 linguists working in over 200 languages – each of whom is a specialist in financial or legal translation, whether written or spoken – we give our clients the reassurance of personal, bespoke translation and interpreting services.

In this case, services are specifically designed with knowledge of the immigration process in mind.

Find immigration interpreters for your specific situation

Our highly experienced project management team will always find you an immigration interpreter with the understanding required to handle situations like yours.

In addition to their mastery of your native tongue and the language of the region you want to emigrate to, this includes experience and/or qualifications in the relevant legal field.

It also usually includes previous participation in the situation you are currently facing in your immigration process, which might include:

  • Courtroom proceedings
  • Interviews
  • Dispute resolution and previous communication errors

Getting the best from your immigration interpreting service

Making sure your immigration interpreter understands your situation in as much detail as possible is the best way to ensure they can discuss your case fluently from the moment your assignment starts.

This is the reason why we recommend that our clients provide all reference materials which might be required before their service begins. Armed with this information, your immigration interpreter will be able to properly prepare for their assignment, whether it is in London, elsewhere in the UK, or globally.

How our legal interpreting services work

You can book legal interpreting services from us on a half-day or full-day basis, plus VAT and travel.

To ensure that we can pair you with the linguist who is most suitable for your case, we highly recommend booking well in advance to guarantee availability.

However, if you are facing immediate immigration problems, we can almost always accommodate requests for assignments at short notice.

Request a Quote

Discuss the assignment you need an immigration interpreter in London, the UK, or worldwide for with an expert today. Please contact us at 020 7842 0171 or email enquiry@templetranslations.com.